Puucomp is a partner to the architect, the developer and the installer

Puucomp is an expert of interior surface construction hailing from the region of Ostrobothnia in Western Finland. The company's roots are in the design and production of veneered interior panels. Puucomp was founded in 1987 by seven entrepreneurial woodworking professionals.

Case Sasmox

Our technological knowhow runs deep. We were the first company to develop an adhesive technology to ensure that a veneer surface sticks reliably to wood and gypsum boards. Indeed, Puucomp was the manufacturer behind all of the veneered panels of the well-known Sasmox brand before we started to market our wood interior expertise under our own name.

We support top-tier architecture

From the very beginning our starting point has always been the architect's original idea. We look for the unique technical, logistical and installation solutions together with the architect and other involved parties working on the target building.

Our experience in delivering interior surface solutions has shown us that there is a need for a comprehensive service. Architects know to appreciate a partner whose technical expertise encompasses both aesthetical and operational requirements and who is also able to ensure a high-quality result at the site.

Top-tier interior cladding and acoustic panels

 Puucomp is one of the leading suppliers of veneered interior and acoustic panels in the Nordic Countries. Puucomp's interior wall and ceiling structures may be found in demanding public building projects, transit terminals, office buildings, schools, hotels and malls, to name but a few. The design work and production take place in Kristiinankaupunki with great piety that combines modern technology with the tradition of carpentry.