Quality, Efficiency and Flexibility

Our experiences in the demanding sector of interior design of cruise ships has taught us to maximise efficiency and to minimise the risks relating to our products and their delivery and installation. Our ability to take into account even the smallest details and to make prompt deliveries has helped us over the years to join the elite subcontractors for shipyards which build cruise liners.

Our AutoCAD software, is compatible with CNC-controlled machine tools, ensures the constant high quality of our products. Whether it is a cruise ship or a construction site on land, our production management system will ensure that each order is delivered promptly to the correct location.

We have built up close working relationships with transportation companies and they ensure reliable deliveries from door to door. We are also at present developing a tracking system, so that you will be aware of exactly where your order is at all times.

We have also adopted an advanced production management system, and have fully integrated our quotations, production, storage and logistics. We are also striving to improve efficiency in manufacturing as well as on construction sites, and to improve communications with our suppliers and clients.


Case Sasmox 

Our knowledge-base in technology is strong; we were the first to introduce a gluing technique which provides reliable fastening of veneer onto gypsum-bonded wood particle boards. Puucomp was the sole manufacturer of Sasmox veneer-surfaced boards until it started to market its know-how in wood interior solutions under its own name.