Choose an interior cladding panel with a real veneer surface

You can pick the veneer coating that suits the target space and atmosphere from our library of popular veneer solutions. We also have hundreds of other veneer options available to ensure that the ambience of the space is exactly how you want it. The wood veneers used in Puucomp panels are always origin-certified. Puucomp also offers superior fire safety with its veneer-coated interior cladding panels in the A2 fire class. We can also realise demanding acoustic solutions, specialty perforations, curved surfaces and different strip ceilings and walls according to your ideas – always with a firm and experienced hand.


Take advantage of alternative panel surface options

Puucomp's interior cladding panels are also available with digital prints or they can be painted into any colour and to any degree of shine. We can also provide high-quality interior cladding panels with high-pressure laminate (HPL) surfaces. In other words, your possibilities are limitless as you can freely select the surface pattern – from graphics to metallic or stone, for example. We also deliver interior cladding panels coated with versatile technical veneers.


Functional and stylish ceilings and walls

 Different  acoustic perforations, curved shapes and surface treatment options will bring your interiors to life. The spaces can be made even richer by combining different veneer-surfaced, laminated and painted Puucomp panels of the desired sizes and choosing edge profiles and  mounting solutions that suit the space and the atmosphere. Puucomp interior cladding panels are great for congress centres, concert halls, office buildings, transit terminals and other public buildings, including schools, day care centres, hospitals and libraries – they are a great solution anywhere durable panels and elegant style are required.


 We also deliver speciality products such as veneer-coated fitting and furniture components.