ArborLine – Variety and a finished look


ArborLine lath elements and plank panels bring new aesthetic options

Wood is experiencing a boom period. Many designers and property developers are looking for natural colours and materials.
We wish to facilitate the design and implementation of lath solutions with ready-made and tested structures. The new products have a higher degree of readiness than our regular lath products, but they still enable unique solutions. ArborLine products are ideal for aesthetically and acoustically demanding projects.




Three new product groups – Massive, A2 and Plank

ArborLine Massive -These elements made out of massive wood laths can bring a varied look to both exterior and interior spaces, either as large surfaces or piquant accents. With Massive, the wood species and staining of the laths can be selected from a wide selection and the width of the laths can vary freely depending on your designs.


ArborLine A2 -These veneered wood lath elements are great for interior cladding projects that require a high fire rating. Lath ceilings can also achieve grade A acoustics. A background fabric finishes the neat look. A2 products can be made using genuine natural veneers, also in colour, or using technical veneers. We use the OneTone system for all of our elements.


Plank panels

Our Plank panels are the ideal solution when you need an interior look that is wider than that provided by lath elements. A finished look is ensured with hidden mounting strips. The look of the surface is created either with veneer or film. The frames of the elements can be made of fibrous gypsum or fire-retardant MDF.

The size and spacing of the laths can be flexibly adjusted. By combining lath elements with interior cladding panels one can create interesting looks for a wide variety of targets – including curved surfaces.

Ask us for information on the SURF Architect service. We can provide expert technical support for your design work as your project requires.

Download PDF ArborLine product card: Lath elements