Wood veneer panels allow you to realise terrific interior cladding solutions

Real wood veneer brings a unique, natural feel to the space. Wooden surfaces have a demonstrable effect on people's well-being and the cosiness of the space.

The wood veneers used in Puucomp panels are always origin-certified. They are also an ecological choice as one cubic metre of wood can be turned into 1 000 m2 of finished veneer surface.

Veneer options, surface treatments, perforations and design of interior cladding panels

You can find just the right surface for the target space and atmosphere from Puucomp's veneer library that includes the most popular veneer choices. We also have hundreds of other veneer options available to ensure that the ambience of the space is exactly how you want it.

Veneered interior cladding panels can also have digital prints on them. This allows the desired image to be used as an effect across an entire wall or only a section of it.

The expressive power of veneered interior cladding can be further enhanced by your choice of surface treatment – the options include lacquering, oil treatment and staining. Naturally, the wood veneer panels are also available with acoustic perforations. We can also create curved and battened interior cladding surfaces – read more about our special solutions.


Browse the Puucomp veneer library for the most popular veneer choices and ask us for our other certified wood veneer products!



Puucomp Veneer Library