CE-marked interior panels 

Only construction products that have the CE marking may be sold in Europe. In Finland the new Construction Products Regulation entered into effect in July 2013, making the CE marking mandatory. The manufacturer is responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the CE standard and receiving the marking. The marking is intended to make it easier to compare products manufactured in different countries.

Puucomp's interior panels are given the CE marking in accordance with current requirements and standards. The order-specific CE marking is displayed on the product sticker on the package and we also send a Declaration of Performance with every CE-marked order. This practice allows us to ensure that our panels meet the quality requirements.

We use the CE marking in panels that have their requirements defined in the EN 13986:2004 standard. According to this standard, coated MDF, plywood and chipboard panels fall under it, whereas there is no harmonised product standard or European technical approval for coated panels made of fibrous gypsum

Puucomp CE-merkki