Maintenance of veneered and painted Puucomp interior panels


  • Panels should be stored in a dry place, indoors and in their original packaging.
  • Storage climate should correspond to final place, this is to ensure the quality of the panel (veneered or painted surface, lacquering as well as other features).

Conditions of use

  • The Puucomp interior panels can only be used indoors. Do not use interior panels in wet or high humidity areas. Relative humidity can be between 25% to 60%.
  • The maximum moisture in underlying construction can be 15%.
  • Room must be heat controlled, a temperature variation of 18°C to 40°C is allowed.


  • Interior panels can be vacuumed or dry mopped. If required Puucomp interior panels can be cleaned with a moist cloth using a mild utility detergent (without abrasives).
  • Do not use a wet cloth, this can damage the surface.
  • After cleaning the panels should be dryed carefully.