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ArborLine lath elements

Lath accents as easily installed modules – without compromising on look

ArborLine – variety and finished look with laths

Wood is experiencing a significant upturn. Natural colors and materials are now sought out by many designers and developers. With wood laths, you can create accents, curved shapes, and entire walls to buildings, along with pleasing acoustics. ArborLine lath elements provide a handy way to create lath solutions, while also allowing for quick installation on interior walls, dropped ceilings, and outdoors.


Modular, prefabricated solutions for interior lathing


We have created prefabricated lath solutions to facilitate design and execution. These products offer a higher degree of completion than regular lath products, they can still be used to create unique solutions. For example, you are free to choose the spacing of the laths.

  • Pre-tested structures fire-resistance classes
  • Simplifies design
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Good fit for acoustically demanding areas
  • Nearly unlimited visual variations
Saga Congress Center with ArborLine ceiling.

Three different products: Massive, A2, and Plank

ArborLine close look

ArborLine Massive – Lath elements made from genuine massive wood for interior cladding and exterior faces


You can also use lathing outside as an exterior face detail or a more expansive surface. True to its name, Massive is made from massive wood, which means that it can be treated to resist challenging conditions. ArborLine Massive lath elements also work brilliantly in interior areas. Use the elements to create large surfaces or add stimulating details in walls and dropped ceilings. The wood used for the laths as well as the stain can be chosen from a vast range and the thickness of the laths can be adjusted based on your plans. Also suitable for use on curved surfaces.

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ArborLine A2 – interior lath element with a high fire-resistance class and good acoustic performance


Veneer-surfaced wood lath elements that are suitable for interior cladding applications that require a high fire-resistance class. When used to create a lath ceiling, the product enables class A acoustic performance. The neat appearance of the elements is completed by the backdrop. A2 products can be produced using genuine natural veneers – including dyed veneers and technical veneers.

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ArborLine lath solution with visible edge profiles.
ArborLine Plank a close-up look.

Plank panels – for a wider visual appearance


With Plank panels, a neat and tidy finish is ensured by using the convenient concealed attachment strips. The surface appearance is produced using wood veneer or lamination film. The frame of the panels can be made from fibrous gypsum or fire-resistant MDF.

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All ArborLine elements offer numerous options for creating lath solutions

Both the size and spacing of the laths can be adjusted flexibly with each lath element. The shape of the laths can also be changed to allow for further surface variation and improved acoustic performance. Combining lath elements with interior cladding panels provides interesting structural changes for different applications – for curved surfaces as well. The OneTone color management system is available to you with all elements. Ask more about Puucomp Architect Service. We offer solid technical support for designing lath solutions and practical instructions for the installation of lath elements.

Share your ideas with us and we will design you a solution!

ArborLine Product Card

Are you planning to include lathing in your design? 


Download the ArborLine product card and find more detailed information about the products.

Did you know: Lath elements can take other forms beyond squares or rectangles? Or that you are free to choose the colors used?


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We deliver all the necessary documentation, such as certificates of origin and fire safety, with the panels to the site, which means that you have one less thing to worry about.


Fire Safety Report

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Download our design materials produced for architects


We have created a design support kit for architects that includes the necessary PDF and DWG files.

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Safe solutions using veneer-surfaced interior cladding products.

As a material, wood offers endless possibilities for creating various visions. The genuine wood atmosphere can also be introduced to public buildings in a safe and versatile manner by utilizing advanced solutions that take both fire safety and the M1 emission classification into account.


Fire classes


Interested? Puucomp specialist can help you bring your ideas to life – even when something has not been done before. Contact us and we will find a suitable solution together.

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