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Puucomp Premium

Excellent interior cladding and acoustic panel for public buildings

Interior cladding that is only limited by your imagination

The Puucomp Premium interior wall and dropped ceiling panels can be customized to fit your specific needs and designs. The panels are also perfect for demanding public buildings where each detail has to be considered, finished, and correspond to the required standards. Whether the project entails an airport, hospital, office building or some other public space, we can ensure that your designs come to life.

Certified interior cladding solution


All Puucomp products are manufactured in Finland. The fire safety of our panels is tested by Eurofins Expert Service in accordance with European standards. Puucomp panels offer the highest fire-resistance ratings on the market among veneer-surfaced interior cladding panels, and we can also offer you interior cladding solutions that meet the requirements of fire class A2-s1,d0. Our products also carry M1 emission classification. All wood veneers used by us come with certificates of origin.


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Shaped Puucomp Premium panel.
Examples of Puucomp's standard perforation models

Excellent soundproofing for any space

The Puucomp Premium panels can be produced with a fibrous gypsum plaster board core that is highly durable and provides excellent sound insulation. Depending on your needs, other materials can also be used as the core. The core material is coated with the desired material, and it can also be perforated in accordance with acoustic and visual requirements. Finally, the panel is finished with the chosen surface treatment. Each stage of the manufacturing of Puucomp Premium panels requires precision and skilled workers.


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Acoustic perforations

We produce perforations based on our customers’ requests. Perforation models range from large visible perforations to indistinguishable nano perforations. In addition to the stock models, we can also produce individual perforations. Perforations can be produced for all Puucomp panels.


Review our perforation models >

Acoustic absorpion of perforation type RS1616

Puucomp – Premium Wood Experiences


The genuine atmosphere created by wood always makes an impact. Elegantly introduce wood to the interiors and front elevations. Puucomp’s advanced and thoroughly tested solutions and high-quality surface materials ensure success in challenging public buildings as well. Our interior cladding panels offer an astonishing number of options to choose from and the highest fire-resistance ratings on the market.

Taivutettu tammiviilupintainen Puucomp sisäverhouslevy.

Concealed strips for a stylish finish

For the Puucomp Premium panels, you can choose between visible strips or concealed strips, which provides a finished, stylishly understated appearance for the interior cladding.

Profiles and strips are included in the overall delivery

We will ensure that each delivery comes with the correct number of profiles and strips. Read more about our profiles and strips and see the installation instructions here.


We deliver all the necessary documentation, such as certificates of origin and fire safety, with the panels to the site, which means that you have one less thing to worry about. Puucomp Premium veneer panel Fire safety report and M1 emission rating. 


Fire Safety Report A2-s1,d0

Download here


Fire Safety Report B-s1,d0

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M1 Emission Rating

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Here you can find the most popular veneer options offered by Puucomp
Puucomp tekninen opas kansi

Puucomp Premium interior cladding panels feature a durable structure


The Puucomp Premium panels are built on durable and sound-insulating fibrous gypsum plaster boards, which are carefully coated with the chosen material. The same veneer panel can also be turned into an acoustic panel by perforating the surface in accordance with the acoustic requirements of the space. Finally, the panel is finished with the chosen surface treatment. Each stage of the manufacturing of Puucomp Premium panels requires precision and skilled workers.

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Download our design materials produced for architects


We have created a design support kit for architects that includes the necessary PDF and DWG files.

Download our design kit

Safe solutions using veneer-surfaced interior cladding products.

PAs a material, wood offers endless possibilities for creating various visions. The genuine wood atmosphere can also be introduced to public buildings in a safe and versatile manner by utilizing advanced solutions that take both fire safety and the M1 emission classification into account.


Fire classesM1 rating


Puucomp specialist can help you bring your ideas to life – even when something has not been done before. Contact us and we will find a suitable solution together.

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