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Puucomp Architect Service

Surface material design support throughout the project

Puucomp Architect Service – gives you the freedom to innovate and create

Puucomp Architect Service helps you find the best technical solutions for your ideas – even ones that have never been done before. We offer you our robust technical construction expertise and help you identify the best surface materials, colors, and solutions. You can also contact us when you are just developing your designs.

Surface material design support

We can offer comprehensive support throughout your project:

  • File packages required for the design process
  • Finding functional material solutions
  • Technical solution design
  • Products that are compliant with authority regulations
  • Certificates and product documents
  • Made-to-order deliveries in a timely manner
  • Installation and maintenance instructions

Contact our design support

Our designers will help you realize you dreams. Request a quote for Puucomp Premium products using this link.

Call our design support

One thousand veneer panels or a single eye-catching piece

Produce a thousand panels or just a single element – you have the freedom to design. Our flexible production method enables a wide variety of executions. Some elements of our production are highly automated, but we also offer various handmade solutions in cost-effective manner. This is the secret of our flexibility.

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Our specialists will take on your ideas with precision and transform them into cost-effective production solutions

We see your products as part of a larger plan and are able to attend to each detail. When you bring your plans to us, our team of specialists will work actively to find the best solutions to bring them. We will ensure that the executed solutions are practical and that their installation makes sense. This allows you to save time in different stages of your project.

Uncompromising Finnish production

On appearance

We work hard to find the surface you want: the precise color, structure, gloss, etc. Our samples allow you to ensure the desired surface. We always start off with your idea.

On safety

We can offer you the highest fire resistance ratings on the market. Instead of just some individual elements, the comprehensive product solutions have been tested by independent research institutes. Our panels are tested to M1 class as standard.

On durability

Weather-resistance, impact resistance, protection against graffiti - whatever you need.

We also ensure that our first-class products are packaged and delivered such that you receive them in perfect condition.

As a material, wood offers an endless variety of options. Introduce the genuine atmosphere created by wood to various public buildings using advanced solutions, taking fire safety into account.

Puucomp offers comprehensive quality delivered to the site

  • We manufacture made-to-measure products in a cost-effective manner.

  • We handle the surface construction certificates and documentation for you.

  • As we are proud of our products, we package them carefully – even in the order of installation where necessary. Puucomp Premium panels are always supported during transport by retaining brackets and secured by metal clamps.

  • We work with contracted partners to ensure that our products are transported with care. Other transport methods are also available.

  • Often, we also visit worksites to negotiate and familiarize ourselves with the situation. We feel that it is helpful to see our products in their final environment.

  • We work continuously to ensure our level of quality. We carefully process and review all inquiries as well as any complaints.

We have a genuine desire to find the best solution for you – ask more:

Kari Hallman

Kari Hallman

Facades, decking
+358 400 372 145


Jari Rajamäki

Jari Rajamäki

Interior cladding
+358 400 866 887


When you send us a sketch

Our team of specialists reviews your idea and designs.

We identify the best technical method of execution for the manufacturing and attachment of the surface materials.

We discuss our ideas with you to ensure that we are on the same page in terms of your vision

We provide samples to allow you to ensure that the finished surface corresponds to your ideas.

After we receive the architectural drawings, we convert them for production and import them to our system. We provide you a cost-effective offer.

Following the purchase decision, we will order any special materials required, for which you should reserve some time. The drawings are left to wait for accurate measurements from the site..

Our panels are manufactured through a partially automated process, except for individual elements that are produced manually.

The panels and laths go through a process consisting of surface treatment and possible acoustic treatment and a careful inspection.

We carefully package the products and deliver them to the site. Panels and laths can also be numbered, for example, to facilitate the installation. If your fitters have any questions, our installation support is happy to help.

With larger projects, we will carry out on-site visits to see that everything is in order for our part. We can also attend worksite meetings during the project where necessary.

While we are flexible and aim to help our clients in urgent situations, you should reserve sufficient time for production. After all, our products are custom-made.

Many contractors appreciate our emission-free products

Emission-free products are particularly appreciated in care homes and schools. Puucomp Premium panel range includes an M1-rated wood veneer panel that has been tested as a complete product instead of testing the individual components separately. This means that you do not have to worry about the safety of materials. The M1 emission classification has been inspected by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

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