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Product handling & care

All Puucomp products are packed carefully before transportation. Store and handle them according to instructions at the site.

Careful handling in production 

We handle all products carefully throughout the production process so that products are in excellent condition and ready to be installed when they arrive at the site. We also frequently visit sites to ensure the product quality and functionality meet our high standards.

Puucomp tailor-made interior panels and lath elements also come with clear installation instructions to expedite the work at the site. No need to play guessing games and solve puzzles before getting to work.

Our high-quality thinking entails precise delivery and documentation and ensuring the correct installation method.

jari rajamäki

Jari Rajamäki, Puucomp

Handling & care instructions
for interior panels and lath elements

Storing and stowage

Handling of veneered, laminated, and painted interior panels - and Arborline A2- and Plank -products.

  • Panels and laths need to be stored in original packaging, in a dry indoor space before installation.

  • Storage climate should correspond to the final place, this is to ensure the quality of the panel (veneered or painted surface, lacquering as well as other features).

  • Arborline A2 and Plank products must be handled with extra care and any unnecessary moving of the products should be avoided.


Conditions of use

The Puucomp interior panels can only be used indoors. In new buildings, please ensure that indoor humidity levels are as required.



  • Do not use interior panels in wet or high humidity areas. Relative humidity can be between 25% to 60%.
  • The maximum moisture in underlying construction can be 15%.
  • Room must be heat controlled, a temperature variation of 18°C to 40°C is allowed.


With a moist cloth using a mild utility detergent (without abrasives).

  • Interior panels can be vacuumed or dry mopped. If required Puucomp interior panels can be cleaned with a moist cloth using a mild utility detergent (without abrasives) and water.
  • Do not use a wet cloth, this can damage the surface.
  • After cleaning the panels they should be dryed carefully.

Technical information about interior panels in one comprehensive package

Technical information and examples about acoustic solutions, mounting, edge profiles, etc. Download Puucomp technical guide or contact Puucomp Architect Service for more information.

Download Technical Guide