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Technical data on Puucomp cladding panels

Check out our stylish and functional professional solutions to interior cladding and acoustics.

Interior cladding solutions with a technical finish

Puucomp's acoustic and interior cladding panels offer high-quality both acoustically and aesthetically and they also have emission and fire classifications. Naturally, the products also carry the CE marking and the wood veneers used in Puucomp panels are always origin-certified. The products are also quick and easy to install with screws and either visible or hidden aluminium skirting boards.

Please make sure to always follow the panel manufacturer's treatment and care instructions when transporting, storing, installing and maintaining the interior surfaces!

Inventive, beautiful and functional interior cladding solutions are born out of close and comprehensive co-operation between the different parties involved in a construction project. We have decades of technical and logistical expertise under our belt and we constantly strive to develop our practices even further.

Visually, functionally and technically finished interior cladding


"For us at Puucomp, the most important thing is that each interior cladding panel solution we deliver meets the customer's expectations both visually and in terms of technical quality. For us, quality also means punctual deliveries and accurate documentation and ensuring that the solution is installed the right way. Our products have all the certifications and approvals required of interior cladding products, and we always keep them up to date.

Even though we are modest, we consider our technical and operational creativity to be our strongest asset. Developing new and innovative interior cladding solutions is our passion – and the trust our customers and partners place in us is earned with hard work."

Jari Rajamäki, Puucomp


Puucomp Premium interior cladding panels feature a durable structure

The Puucomp Premium panels are built on durable and sound-insulating fibrous gypsum plaster boards, which are carefully coated with the chosen material. The same veneer panel can also be turned into an acoustic panel by perforating the surface in accordance with the acoustic requirements of the space. Finally, the panel is finished with the chosen surface treatment. Each stage of the manufacturing of Puucomp Premium panels requires precision and skilled workers.

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