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Puucomp Contractor Service

Supporting contractors and surface material fitters throughout the project

The success of your project is ensured when you can rely on the quality of the products, constancy of size, installation instructions, and the fact that your partner considers the project just as important as you do. Puucomp is a Finnish company owned by the employees.

Make your work easier by simplifying the process


The installation of even the most challenging surfaces can be simplified and made easier. We produce high-quality interior and exterior cladding panels and act as a technical surface construction specialist, helping to ensure that cost-effective technical solutions are identified at the design stage of your project. As construction professional, we can ensure that the solution meet all required standards and are feasible in practice. We also ensure that the surfaces are delivered in impeccable condition including documentation. Delivery management reduces the contractor's schedule pressure.


Supporting the fitters – easier installation, on-time logistics

You and your fitters can contact us at any time for support. We will be there to support you throughout the project. Scheduling deliveries to follow the progress of installation work is an art form that requires both precision and flexibility. We are happy to help you, and we manufacture our interior and exterior cladding panels based on the worksite measures you provide us, which saves you a significant amount of work on-site and speeds up your process.


Puucomp Contractor Service helps you with the execution of surface solutions – for both new buildings and renovation projects. If you have a project, contact us.

Tel: +358 (0)10 4222 360

Finnish quality without compromise. As a building contractor, you know that reliability is a key characteristic of your surface structure supplier. This is why our work considers all aspects of the building contract from the very beginning: developers, architects, construction firms and contractors, and fitters – without forgetting the end users of the building. Our comprehensive, high-quality service is economically advantageous for contractors. Puucomp is a Finnish company. We serve our customers in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Kari Hallman

Kari Hallman

+358 400 372 145


Jari Rajamäki

Jari Rajamäki

Sales Manager
+358 400 866 887


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Puucomp offers comprehensive quality delivered to the site

  • We manufacture made-to-measure products in a cost-effective manner

  • We can provide you with a single panel or thousands of panels in a cost-effective manner.

  • We handle the surface construction certificates and documentation for you
  • As we are proud of our products, we package them carefully – even in the order of installation where necessary. Puucomp Premium panels are always supported during transport by retaining brackets and secured by metal clamps.

  • We work with contracted partners to ensure that our products are transported with care. Other transport methods are also available.

  • Often, we also visit worksites to negotiate and familiarize ourselves with the situation. We feel that it is helpful to see our products in their final environment.

  • We work continuously to ensure our level of quality. We carefully process and review all inquiries as well as any complaints we may receive.


While we are flexible and aim to help our clients in urgent situations, you should reserve sufficient time for production. After all, our products are made to measure.

Puucomp Premium Veneer Panel

Puucomp Premium – read more about the panels


The Puucomp Premium interior cladding panels have a unique structure that makes them particularly durable, enables solid beveling, and allows for concealed attachment. Fine construction is evidenced by stylish appearance.


Read more about Puucomp Premium panels



Many developers are appreciative of emission-free products


Emission-free products are particularly appreciated in care homes and schools. Puucomp Premium panel range includes an M1-rated wood veneer panel that has been tested as a complete product instead of testing the individual components separately. This means that you do not have to worry about the safety of materials. The M1 emission classification has been inspected by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Take a look at the technical guide for the Puucomp Premium panels.



Download Puucomp Technical Guide
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