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Puucomp Veneer Library

12 of our most popular, real wood veneers

Puucomp's most popular veneers - from over 350 options

Our veneer library offers more than 350 veneer options with different finishing options. Here are 12 of Puucomp's most popular, real wood veneers. For a change of atmosphere, choose from a variety of finishes for example lacquered, stained, or waxed.

We know veneers! Ask us for more information about real and technical veneers and the different options available. We can help you find the right veneer options for your project and send you the sample pieces.

We have also produced completely unique veneer solutions, e.g. for renovated high-value properties where the atmosphere of old veneer walls is sought. The range of veneers is therefore almost unlimited.

In addition to real wood veneers, we also offer technical veneers, painted panels, and high-pressure laminates (HPL).

Ask more from our Architect Service.

Puucomp Architect Service

Khaya mahongy

Khaya mahongy

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Sliced birch veneer

Birch, sliced

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Rotary-cut birch veneer

Birch, rotary-cut

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Oregon pine veneer

Oregon pine

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Black Alder veneer

Black Alder

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White oak veneer

White Oak

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Alpi Zebrano veneer


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