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New Hospital Entity: Siltasairaala, Helsinki

By Puucomp
Impressive hospital entity: Siltasairaala Helsinki

Siltasairaala project merged two hospitals: the Meilahti Siltasairaala and the Cancer Centre. Siltasairaala is a world-class trauma and cancer hospital, combining the operations and facilities of the Tornisairaala, Kolmiosairaala, and the Cancer Clinic. 


Siltasairaala takes its name (direct translation would be bridge hospital) from the bridge connecting the two buildings. The new building will form a valuable link between the area's existing emergency and cancer departments, creating a large integrated center that will enhance the efficiency of healthcare operations. The hospital aims to provide a more accessible, safer, and better customer experience for patients, visitors, and staff.



Picture: Inlook Group


The first patients were admitted to the Siltasairaala in 2023

Meilahti Siltasairaala has an emergency department, an operating theatre, intensive care units, outpatient clinics, a day hospital, and inpatient wards. The hospital treats patients in orthopedics, traumatology, and neurosurgery.



Picture: Inlook Group


A new wing was built for the cancer clinic. At the beginning of its operation, the name of the clinic was changed to the Cancer Centre and all cancer-related treatment, except surgical treatment, is available there. The HUS Cancer Centre also treats patients from all over Finland who require specialized treatment. 


The hospital, which covers almost 70 000 square meters and features a wealth of new technology, took months to equip. The staff started preparing the previous year to start operations and to familiarise and train themselves in the new facilities. The first patients were admitted in January 2023.



Picture: Inlook Group


A large team of experts designed and implemented the impressive hospital building

SRV was the main contractor for the project. AW2-Arkkitehdit Oy, Brunet Saunier Architectures S.A, Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B&M Oy and Arkkitehtitoimisto Harris-Kjisik Oy. The interior cladding panels from Puucomp were installed by Inlook Group.



Kuva: Inlook Group


Puucomp Premium is a technically and visually functional interior cladding solution for the site

Siltasairaala was decorated with spectacular Puucomp Premium interior cladding panels over 3000 square meters. The white lacquered oak veneer was chosen to create a natural and pleasant atmosphere in the hospital environment. The attractive Puucomp Premium was also chosen for its technical characteristics - fire-resistant and acoustic, it met the needs of both the site and the installers. Smooth and nano-perforated interior cladding panels were used - almost 1000 square meters of nano-perforated interior cladding panels were used to discreetly improve the acoustics of the hospital. Hospital environments can be noisy and it is important to consider the acoustics of a site, for patients and staff alike.



Picture: Inlook Group


The building was designed with particular attention to energy efficiency, good indoor air quality, and the use of natural light. Wood was the obvious choice for the interior cladding. Wood has the ability to absorb and release moisture. A constant humidity level in the room improves indoor air quality and reduces the need for ventilation. The highest glass wall in the Siltasairaala spans five floors - the spectacular glass wall brings in stunning natural light, but the hard surface material poses challenges to the space's acoustics. Nano-perforated Puucomp Premium interior cladding panels contributed to solving the acoustic challenges posed by the large windows - without compromising the attractive finish.



Picture: Inlook Group


Customer experience and computer modeling at the heart of the design

Siltasairaala was designed in close collaboration with the staff. The design was based on patient needs, customer experience, and optimal working conditions for the staff.



Picture: Inlook Group


The facilities to be built were tested functionally, technically and, for example, in terms of the layout of furniture and equipment, using purpose-built mock-ups before the plans were refined and implementation of the facilities began on site. The testing of the model facilities involved a number of experience specialists; patients and relatives.


For a structurally challenging site, digital information modeling was used to integrate the old buildings with the new ones. The data modeling of the Siltasairaala also brought the project global visibility: the Siltasairaala was awarded as the most impressive data modeling-based public building project in the world.



Picture: Inlook Group


Art as part of promoting patient and staff empowerment and health

Art is part of modern hospital construction at HUS. It serves as one of the means to develop a care environment that promotes health and supports the patient's resources. A dedicated art program was developed for the Siltasairaala, and a large, professionally curated collection of artworks has been acquired. Modern and natural interior cladding solutions provide an easy canvas to integrate art into the hospital environment. 


Picture: Inlook Group


Choosing the right interior cladding material is a challenge. The intended use of the space and the users will place their own demands on the surface materials, while building services and maintainability, for example, will have their own requirements. Other choices, such as the huge windows in the Siltasairaala site, also pose challenges in terms of acoustics or sometimes fire safety. Good acoustics, energy efficiency, consideration of fire and emission classifications, indoor air quality, and material durability are important issues that affect both the comfort of the building and the maintenance and repair costs

The Architectural Service and Contractor Service will assist you throughout the project. Contact us from the project conception stage.

Siltasairaala, Helsinki

  • Architects
    Team Integrated: AW2, Brunet Saunier, B&M Oy, Harris-Kjisik Oy
  • Puucomp Products
    White lacquered oak veneer Puucomp Premium interior cladding. Smooth and nano perforated surfaces.


Siltasairaala overview
Siltasairaala lath ceiling
Siltasairaala a modern hospital