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Supercell head office, Helsinki

By Puucomp


Video game characters come to life in the amazing interior cladding

The new head office of Supercell in the Wood City quarter of the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki is a truly eye-catching building. Hidden beneath the striking wood-clad exterior faces, we can find an even more astonishing interior cladding that is akin to a work of art, featuring Supercell's characters coming to life.


Puucomp had already produced interior cladding solutions for Supercell's previous offices, so a continuation of the work seemed natural. Here, Puucomp has made it a point of honor to highlight the characters elegantly depicted in the interior cladding panels in the new office building. Instead of small panels included in the interior design, the characters have taken over entire walls. The characters and other interior cladding elements have been executed precisely according to the architects' wishes, following the detailed plans and installation. Teemu Halme Anttinen from Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy worked as the architect for the building.


The architect and designer are always responsible for the appearance and atmosphere of the space."


Works of art made from multiple panels

The wood-dominated interior cladding of Supercell’s head office is comprised of amazing works of art and displays of woodworking skills. Puucomp provided Supercell with stunning wood veneer panel walls depicting characters from Supercell’s video games. In addition to the graphic wall panels, Puucomp also produced beautiful interior cladding solutions with acoustic perforations.


Supercell pelihahmot laserpoltolla piirrettynä sisäseinälevyille

Supercell's fun characters are shown on their adventures in familiar environments throughout the office building. Photograph: Pasi Salminen


210216_0108_Photo_PasiSalminen_com - 1280x854

In addition to artworks, the building also features specially coated birch veneer panels with acoustic perforations. Photograph: Pasi Salminen



Game characters have been etched onto the boards using a laser. A single work of art is comprised of multiple panels.


In total, we produced dozens of square meters of the panels with graphics,” says Kari Hallman, Managing Director at Puucomp. "The produced work is also a true display of skill by our specialists: if any measurement was out by even a single millimeter, the end result would not be perfect."

We knew that we were creating the headquarters of world-class creative professionals, and thus wanted to ensure that our work was at the same level. "

210216_0116_Photo_PasiSalminen_com - 1280x854Photograph: Pasi Salminen


The designed appearance and atmosphere come to life

“The architect and designer are always responsible for the appearance and atmosphere of the space,” Hallman reminds.

Hallman sees Puucomp’s role in projects such as the Supercell head office as supporting the designer by finding suitable structural solutions and materials. When Puucomp receives drawings from the architect, they are processed into physical products, such as panels, surface treatments, and installation solutions. In the Supercell project, the characters were executed in accordance with the architect’s wishes and attached to the walls using indistinguishable concealed brackets. The end result is a carefully considered assembly that feels organic and consistent. The designed appearance and atmosphere appear to come alive. To reach this result, everything had to work perfectly together: the panels, their technical design, as well as the installation and quality.

“We knew that we were creating the headquarters of world-class creative professionals, and thus wanted to ensure that our work was at the same level,”
Hallman says



Walls covered with birch veneer surfaced Puucomp Premium interior cladding panels featuring skillfully concealed attachment. Photograph: Pasi Salminen


Supercell’s people were present at the site, to both direct and engage in discussions throughout the process. Hallman says that the atmosphere at the site was great the whole time. As people from the company were part of the process, we could ensure that the result was just right. The Puucomp panels were fitted by Sisärakenne Isomäki Oy.


Surface treatment of the interior cladding panels: Tikkurila Oy


To find out more detailed information about Puucomp Premium panels, download an extensive Technical Guide.

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Supercell Head Office, Helsinki

  • Architect
    Teemu Halme, SAFA
    Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit
  • Puucomp Products
    Patterned plywood boards, birch veneer-surfaced interior cladding panels with birch plywood frames, birch veneer panels with acoustic treatment
  • Puucomp Services
    Technical and functional design support. Monitoring the quality of production and deliveries. Documentation and installation support.