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The best surface materials for public buildings


We have compiled the downloadable files and technical documents for our products along with inspiring ideas into a package to support your design process:
Puucomp Design Kit

Pleasing, natural aesthetics – this is genuine wood. Wood is a great material that also holds deeper significance for our wellbeing.
Wood has a good heart.

Read more about wooden surfaces and see our projects in references.

Puucomp Premium Wood Experiences

The genuine atmosphere created by wood always makes an impact. Elegantly introduce wood to the interiors and front elevations. Puucomp’s advanced and thoroughly tested solutions and high-quality surface materials ensure success in challenging public buildings as well. Our interior cladding panels, lath solutions, and SURF products offer a wide variety of options and the highest fire resistance ratings on the market – both inside and out. 


We will find surface solutions that are most suitable for your ideas and execute them in accordance with your site measurements.


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Here you can find the most popular veneer options offered by Puucomp

We know surface materials and we want to
help you achieve excellent results

Architect Service – For architects and designers

We will uphold your original idea and find a practical method of execution for it. We want to help you consider different solutions and their practicability. We will offer our services throughout your project from the design phase to execution.

Call us: 010 4222 360

Installation support – For contractors and fitters

Make your work easier. We will ensure the technical functionality of exterior face, interior cladding, and terrace solutions, made-to-measure production, timely logistics, documentation, and installability with thorough instructions – at times even on-site. In fact, facilitating the installation work through well-functioning worksite logistics and installation support is an important part of our service. We are happy to help you.

Call us: 0400 866 887

Surface Solutions

Puucomp Premium

Puucomp cladding panels are versatile and offer the best fire safety on the market. You can choose from real wood veneer, perforated acoustic panels, technical, painted, and high pressure laminated panels. Create your unique surface by choosing a perfect veneer panel from hundreds of certified wood species and finishes. Read more about Puucomp Premium.



ArborLine lath elements are convenient, quick-to-install wooden laths for interior walls and ceilings. Despite their ready-made modularity, they are always flexible in terms of size. ArborLine is also suitable for acoustically demanding applications. With three different ArborLine products, you will find just the right solution for your interior cladding idea - the visual possibilities of the laths are almost unlimited! Read more about ArborLine lath elements.


Technically and visually functional solutions

Use Puucomp’s advanced surface solutions to bring your creative visual ideas to interior walls, dropped ceilings, and exterior faces – equipped with the technical qualities that ensure that the space is fit for its specific purpose. Read more the technical and visual options available for surface solutions.