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Tulip Inn, Netherlands

By Puucomp



Our strength lies in customer relations, collaboration with the architect, and in high-quality and cost-effective solutions.


“The architect wanted to mimic a plank wall with 20 cm wide panels. However, we recommended the use of 60 cm wide panels, as when the panels had grooves driven into them at 20 cm intervals the result looked the same, but they were easier and quicker to install. This reduced costs significantly. Our thirty years of experience in the field and our ten years of cooperation with Puucomp mean that we are able to find new solutions which make the installation of paneling more efficient than ever. For instance, we resurfaced the fire-retardant doors in veneered aluminum panels.


Tony Ståhl 
Kvalitetsbygg och Inredning AB


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Golden Tulip Inn Delft

Delft’s Tulip Inn in the Netherlands is owned by IKEA’s parent company, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. Day-to-day operations, however, are handled by the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group, which has 900 hotels in 50 countries. The 140 rooms in the hotel are intended to be used by visitors to the IKEA Concept Center. The Concept Center, which is located right next to the hotel, houses training facilities and an entire department store, where IKEA employees from around the world can test their skills and the new work methods they have learned. The interior design of the hotel rooms is Nordic and we have tried to make it as homelike as possible.

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