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Neste Oil Head Office

By Puucomp

Through collaboration between top professionals –architects, engineers, and interior designers – a unique office environment was created for Neste Oil. 


Neste Oil’s new head office was built next to other large international companies such as Nokia and Kone in Espoo, Finland. The area is known as the Keilalahti High-Tech Hub. The goal for the venture was to create a modern and linear office setting, which would reflect Neste Oil's business culture and where the working environment would be both pleasant and efficient. The materials used were Finnish: the lacquered oak panels give off a natural and harmonious feel with their clean lines. Special emphasis was also placed on energy efficiency when designing the lighting.


At present, Neste Oil has two buildings featuring Scandinavian interior design and has an option for a third.

neste oil VG6Q6194


Ergonomics, comfort, efficiency and practicality

The feel of the space was created with wood and the lobby provides both employees and visitors a striking aesthetic experience. We connected these modern buildings on the ground floor level, where we placed a restaurant and conference and lobby services. In these seven-storey buildings, the floor area for each storey is 1,000 m2, which can be made into an open office or divided into separate ones. The open office plan makes it possible to have horizontal communication between different departments. The buildings are also connected to each other by a bridge.

"Puucomp’s ability to be both flexible and efficient made it possible for us to achieve our architectural goal and the project was finished on schedule. The ceilings and the walls are top of the class in terms of both acoustics and soundproofing."

Erkki Karonen, Architect
Gullichsen Vormala Arkkitehdit


neste oilVG6Q6112


neste oil VG6Q6108



neste oil VG6Q6178


neste oil VG6Q6128


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